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Expert Automatic Gate Services in Washington DC

· Garage Door Service

An automatic door opener is one of the most critical components of your sliding or swing door. Automatic door openers are developed to suit all levels of duty. It may be from lightweight panels and medium traffic to heavy-duty panels and high-density traffic requiring frequent and continuous use. It is the motorized device component that controls the opening and closing of your sliding or swing doors. Most are controlled by switches on the garage wall, as well as by remote controls carried in the garage owner’s cars, or more rarely, on key chains.

If you’re looking for a new automatic gate opener installation service, or have your existing one repaired or serviced, automatic gate opener service in Maryland can help. They carry garage door openers belonging to different brands and also related parts. So, you never need to worry. ABS Garage Door Repair is the one-stop solution for anything related to automatic gate opener service in Washington, DC.

Automatic Gate Installation In Washington DC:

Professional automatic gate opener service Maryland, and Washington DC stocks a large selection of new garage door openers including automatic gate door openers. They carry all three main varieties of automatic gate openers including sliding or swing door openers. Keeping your sliding or swing doors in mind they can recommend the best opener for you. Professional automatic gate opener technicians are fully competent in installing automatic gate door openers. They can install it the same day they come and fix the issue, no matter the make or model of the gate door.

Automatic Gate Repair In Baltimore, MD:

There are many reasons why your automatic gate opener may malfunction. It may include a worn motor or a disrupted power source. Damaged garage door components and malfunctioning remotes are also a reason for garage door malfunctioning. Expert automatic gate opener service Maryland or Washington DC will do a prompt diagnosis. They do it to identify why your opener is not running properly. They figure out if they can fix the issue right away.

You can count on ABS Garage Door Repair, no matter if it is a commercial or residential automatic gate opener. They offer fast and reliable automatic gate opener service in Maryland or Washington DC. ABS Garage Door Repair offers prompt automatic gate opener replacement service if repairing is not possible. If you need a new automatic gate opener, they can replace it with any leading brand you want.


Regular maintenance can keep your sliding or swing door opener last for a long. Most automatic gate openers typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years. Should you choose to have a professional automatic gate opener service in Maryland, do the maintenance. ABC Garage Door Repair can help you make sure the optimum performance & durability of your garage door opener. They can schedule the garage door maintenance service based on your flexibility. Apart from that they offer emergency garage door service. If you observe your current garage door opener needs to be replaced or just requires a simple repair, feel free to call ABC Garage Door Repair at (240) 465-0122. They are happy to hear from you!