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Main Culprits of A Noisy Garage Door

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Annoyed by that little crammed sound approaching from your overhead door? It may be the time to call ABC Garage Repair to fix that issue right away! There could be many reasons why your garage door making noise. Listed below are some of the most common culprits.

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Damaged tracks:

Damaged tracks are an indication of old age or can be the consequence of force applied on it that encumbers the smooth opening or closing of the garage door. Tracks are responsible for carrying the overhead door up & down safely. If any bulky object is hanging on it or a brutal force such as an automobile hits the door, it is expected that the track will be damaged. And to fix damaged track you need to take the help of an expert that specialize in garage door repair in Arlington VA.

Loose Chain:

A loose chain in your overhead door mechanism may force the door to open or close unevenly. Have a good look to find out if the chain isn’t holding up properly – is it loose or sagging somewhere? That could make a strange sound when it gets stuck. If this is the main reason behind the sound coming from your garage door, then it’s time to call a professional and let them replace your chain. 

Poor lubrication:

A frequently missed issue with overhead doors is a lack of right lubrication. While checking your door for issues if you find that the chains and tracks are perfectly fine, then the problem could be poor lubrication. Call your local garage door technician and ask him what could be done to get your door back on track again.

Door imbalance issues:

Your garage door is perhaps imbalanced if you see the door hanging mid-way before closing. This sort of imbalance could be the main reason behind the noise you are hearing, as it generally prompts a squealing noise when attempting to lift or lower the door. If you find your overhead door stuck in an off-balanced position, it’s time to call a garage door expert and let them balance your door again.

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Chain, tracks, lubrications, and door balance could be the origin of the strange sound coming from your garage door. If you are still unable to find the source, call ABC Garage Repair, and we will send a trained engineer to find the main source and fix it on site. Anything related to Garage Door Arlington VA, you can rely on us! 

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