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Professional door repair service gets your garage door move smoothly

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Every now and then, home or business owners must run into some maintenance issues with the garage doors in their premises. Whatever the problem might be, it's wise to call an expert to detect and identify it and fix it efficiently and as inexpensively as possible. In addition, they will help you save a big on garage door replacement.

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Garage doors are very expedient when it works well, but it brings a real sting when malfunctions! Does your garage door move slowly or not at all when operated by children or the elderly?  Expert and experienced garage door Repair Companies in Washington DC have the expertise to transform your garage doors as good as new and make them function better! Here are a few tips that help you get your stuck garage door back into its working condition again.

Dirt or broken rollers

The rollers installed on either side of the door allow malfunctioning garage doors to budge easily.  However, if it becomes wedged and must be pushed against to move, it is most likely due to the rollers failing due to wear. Sticking dirt, debris, and hair to rollers can also obstruct door movement.  Professional garage doors repair in Virginia has expertise and equipment to replace the sliding door rollers. They repair it if they find any cracks or bends or replace the metal rollers that rust over time.

Un-adjusted wheels

The rollers that hold the sliding door may occasionally jump out of the track, or the entire door may move out of alignment.It will be impossible to open or close it until the problem is resolved. The sliding door repair specialists team in Washington DC thoroughly inspects the sliding doors and quickly detects the reason with ease to recommend it rolls smoothly again.

Bent track

Door tracks that are bent inward or outward prevent the door from moving on the track. Expert Virginia garage door repair teams can gently repair it with their equipment and techniques without causing any damage to the door and preventing it from jumping off-tracks. 


Lubricants make the doors slide smoothly! Bearings that are lubricated and carry the load rotate smoothly. The best quality silicone-based lubricant that never attracts dirt build-up is used for specialized garage door repair. It'd be like having the ability to open your sliding door with just one finger!

Security system

You have great peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe with properly fitted sliding door handles and locks. Experienced garage door repair in Washington DC can make it happen. They will replace any damaged rollers or hardware, as well as clean the track and realign the lock. They, take care of any remaining requirements to get the door working like new again. They carry numerous original garage door spares to accommodate the repair of any garage door model with ease. 

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The good news is that all sliding doors can be repaired with ease by professional assistance. There is no need to replace an entire sliding door system when routine maintenance can solve all issues. If your home or business has a sliding door that won't open or close properly, fully trained garage door repair professionals at Abc Garage Door Repair can fix it with ease. They offer reliable 24/7 service for the best peace of mind. They diagnose the issue faster, work accordingly to repair or replace damaged parts of sliding doors that support reducing the hazard, ensuring client safety!