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Top Reasons Why your Garage Door Won’t Open?

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Do you observe that your garage door is not working correctly, or is it not opening as it should be? There are numerous possible reasons why your garage door is not opening correctly. You may need to replace a part or all of your garage door opener or spring if it doesn’t work or the door doesn’t open all the way. To fix a garage door or if it doesn’t open for any reason, call a professional garage door repair Great Falls VA company that knows your door better than anyone else and can fix it quickly. However, before you can learn how to fix a garage door opener, you must first figure out why it won’t open. Mentioned here are some of the most typical reasons why your garage door won’t open: 

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Photo Eye Is Out of Alignment

The photo-eye is the garage door’s safety sensor. Its function is to detect anyone or anything that comes in the way or blocks the exit. However, there may be a problem with the photo-eye if you hear a clicking or cracking noise and observe the light flash from the garage door opener. The photo-eyes are so sensitive and there are a variety of reasons why they might be out of alignment. Trying to clean the photo eye, removing the enormous obstacles, aligning the two photo eyes, checking the wiring, and check the LED light are the few things you can do to respond to the garage door opener issues.

Improper Track Alignment

When the automatic garage door opener is turned on, the cables physically move the door while the strings control its speed.The metal rails keep the garage door in position and assist with the mechanism’s operation. The tracks on the garage door must be straight and even at all times to open and close. A crooked door may jerk around or make grinding noises that could have become loose from its track. As the misalignment increases, the garage door may eventually stop operating. It will need a fix and professional garage door repair in Great Falls, VA; know the best way to fix it or align it if necessary. If they found the garage door doesn’t open or close due to a broken track, they recommend replacing your garage door tracks.

Broken Tension Springs

Spring in a garage door is very much crucial, and it is the thing that moves it up and down. It stores the mechanical energy that controls the movement of the garage door. But broken spring is one of the most common reasons why a garage door is not opening. The tension springs may become weakened with time, resulting in the garage door not working. This is because it offsets the weight of the garage door to open and close the door smoothly. Do you hear the loud noise of a spring rupture from inside the house? Call a professional garage door repair in Great Falls, VA, to replace your garage door springs. They have the right skills and equipment to complete the task safely.

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The issue in The Penal Or Remote Control

A wall-mounted panel or remote control is used to operate an automatic garage door. All you have to do to open your garage door is by pressing a panel or using the remote control. To open or close the garage, the remote control transmits a signal to the garage door opener. Any issue with the penal or remote will lead to disconnecting the signal and won’t open the garage door as it should be. The garage door repair in Great Falls, VA, fixed your remote sensor, its antenna, replaced its batterie-program the small, turned off the lock feature, and much more things to get it to work like new.

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