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Common Commercial Garage Door Issues When You Need Expert Help

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Choosing the right commercial garage door for your business means considering affordability, durability, and other factors. Strength is one of the most significant benefits of choosing premium quality commercial garage doors. But every garage door has a limit and it will function inadequately beyond the stipulated period. There are a variety of possible commercial garage door issues that indicate it's time for a door replacement. While some malfunctions can be fixed with a replacement part. If your commercial garage door is acting up, contact a professional commercial garage doors Virginia repair and replacement in the Virginia area. Following are the 6 most common gate problems when you need expert commercial garage door company assistance in Maryland

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1. Noise

Sometimes, commercial garage doors can generate a large amount of noise when opening and closing. There may be a variety of causes behind it which may not be clear immediately. The worn-out mechanism that moves the gates could be blamed for the noise. You can fix this commercial garage door problem by taking it apart and then reassembling the mechanism or having a new part fitted.

2. Gate Won’t Open or Close

This usually occurs due to a power outage. Commercial garage doors require a constant supply of electricity to operate properly. Power outages and failures will prevent your commercial garage doors from working. You should check whether a power outage could bring pause to the garage door operation. If there is no power outage or any other electrical problem, then test your gate manually to identify any operational issues. Take the help of a professional commercial garage door repairs if you cannot identify the cause of the problem.

3. Faulty Remote Control

A faulty remote control is another common commercial garage door problem. If you want to ensure that the remote control will be able to open and close your electric gate without any problems, you must keep it in good working order. The remote control's batteries typically start to lose power. You should retry after checking and replacing the batteries. The only solution is to replace the remote if the issue cannot be resolved.

4. Pest Invasion

commercial garage doors operate by using sensors that trigger motion. However, if the sensors are blocked, your gate won't open. Insects and vermin can enter the dark areas the gate provides and become a hindrance. Make sure that such spaces are kept clear of dirt and pests so that the sensors work perfectly at all times.

5. Stuck in Manual Mode

Sometimes, the commercial garage doors become stuck in manual mode and do not open and close automatically. Both the remote's batteries and the gate's opening mechanism could be defective. It is advised that you investigate both of these issues to determine the cause of the gate's manual malfunction mode.

6. Rusted Track

It is advised that you manually examine your automatic gate's performance if the opening and shutting motions are not smooth. When the gate opens and closes, it should move smoothly. If it jerks or becomes stuck, your track is worn. You should hire a professional commercial garage door repair service to fix this problem. 

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