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The Common Driveway Gate Problems

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Driveway gates provide an additional layer of security for your residential or commercial property. It not only offers peace of mind and security but offers you the convenience of opening and closing the gate remotely. However, there are a few typical automatic gate issues that you should be aware of. Here are some typical issues with automatic gates and their basic reasons. If the automatic gate has any of these issues, consult a professional driveway gate repair in Washington, DC, ASAP.

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Unusual Noises

With time, you might notice some unusual noises from your driveway gate. It foretells some underlying mechanical problems. The cause of the noise issue may be an issue with the garage opener, a filthy motor, improper installation, insufficient lubrication, chain or belt problem, or deformed tracks. If your gate makes beeping, creaking, grating, or grinding noises, call a qualified driveway gate repair technician in Virginia for an inspection. They have the tools and expertise for safe gate inspection and effective repairs.

Fails to Operate

Your driveway gate provides primary access to your property. If it can’t operate as it should then it creates inconveniences for the entire inhabitants and guests. Failure to close also poses a security risk to the home’s occupants. A faulty remote control is one of the major causes of gate problems. The part is essential for the gate to operate well, but it runs the danger of failing with frequent use. Other reasons for this kind of gate failure include blocked photocells, dirty gate rails, dead batteries, obstruction of the safety edges, and lock and latch problems. Check the batteries and replace them, but if this doesn’t work, call an experienced driveway gate repair in Washington, DC, for a professional diagnosis. They know how to test for each of the probable causes of driveway gate problems. The technician fixes the issue in a little time and reduces the risk of further damage to the gate.

Pests Obstruct the Gate Sensors

Driveway gate manufacturers install optical sensors or motion detectors on the sides of the gate to work smoothly. The sensors trigger the gate to open or close conveniently. The areas where these sensors are placed eventually draw pests. The pest may build their nests in such places. Due to the malfunctioning trigger mechanism, your gate loses its automatic functionality. Expert driveway gate repair in Washington, DC, knows where to locate the sensors and how to clear the vermin infestation. They can advise you on how to protect the sensor from pests.

Gate Failure Due to Weather Damage

Driveway gates are constantly exposed to the elements, which makes them vulnerable to physical harm. Some components of automatic gates might be damaged or bent by bad weather. Your gate may be damaged by a storm, broken limbs, and flying debris. It might lead to costly repairs. Ensure you have it serviced at least once per year. It will protect your driveway gate even in extreme weather conditions.

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